Dedicated Facilities to Support Global Demand

Falcon manages the global logistics, inventory pipeline, storage, and assembly of products from all over the world. Our strategic locations throughout the country enable us to support major OEM and distribution locations around the globe, while also facilitating the manufacturing process. By effectively managing the movement of parts, we ensure efficient assembly and delivery of products to our customers.

Transportation Value

Falcon can help transport and deliver your products around the world via LTL, Full truck load, Container Vessel, Air Freight, Rail or local delivery.

Key Performance Indicators (kpi) for our Clients

  • Delivery Performance
  • Warehousing Performance and Cost
  • Inventory – PI and Cycle Counting
  • Shipping & Receiving Accuracy
  • Customer Service Performance
  • Order Management Performance
  • Supplier Performance
  • Cost Reduction Performance
  • Production Performance
  • Quality Performance

Order Management / Customer Service

  • Customer Service: direct communications with our clients’ customers to address delivery and EDI communications issues.
  • Managing EDI communications pertaining to ordering and delivering of our clients orders.
  • Managing, coordinating, and submitting corrective actions when breakdowns occur in the supply chain.
  • Managing our customers’ orders from point of input to point of invoicing.
  • Processing of expedite/premium shipments to customers (24/7 availability).

Management of Trade Compliance

  • Implementing processes and procedures to ensure compliance to all US and other international trade control and Customs requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, export and import controls, classifications, country of origin management, valuation requirements, tariff classifications and duty drawbacks. Managing trade compliance for our clients.
  • Coordinating trade issues with government agencies, compliance groups, IT, purchasing, manufacturing, and other functions as they relate to compliance, import or export issues.

Transportation Management

  • Carrier Management For Our Clients
  • LTL, TL, FCL, LCL, Parcel, Milk Runs
  • Expediting Services
  • Planning And Coordinating Transportation Moves
  • Routing and scheduling of all inbound shipments
  • Coordinating freight forwarders for all international shipments
  • Freight Bill Management
  • Generate Bills of Lading
  • Freight Bill Consolidation
  • Freight cost reporting

Procurement Management

  • Purchase materials
  • PPAP materials
  • Costing initiatives
  • Purchase Order Management

Supplier Management

  • Material PPAP for assembly components
  • Supplier Quality Management & Review
  • Delivery management
  • Cost down management
  • JIT Delivery Planning